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Where Simplicity
meets Authenticity
pork souvlaki.jpg

Think of the time you enjoyed a walk in Plaka or Monastiraki in Athens, or a cobble-paved windy street in Santorini, Mykonos or Patmos…

Think of the time you tasted for the first time a plump freshly-cut tomato or velvety Greek yogurt, combined with all the earthy herbs and juices of authentic Mediterranean grilled meats and vegetables…

Memories that make your brain cells wander back in time and make your mouth watery from desire to taste it all again.

This time away from the burning sun and golden beaches, but right here at home, all wrapped up in savoury packages of love and ‘meraki’.      

Simple, tasty, memorable.

There is no English word to translate accurately the word ‘meraki’, but all our foods have an abundance of this.

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